Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Melvin Thomas Experiment

If you happen to be in Nashville today, April 21st, go by Phatkaps (835 Bell Rd Antioch, TN 37013) from 5-7 p.m and check out Melvin Thomas's album release party for his latest mixtape, The Melvin Thomas Experiment.

I had the chance to rap with Melvin very briefly last weekend about the album and shoes of course. Check out some of our conversation:

I remember talking to you back when you dropped the single "Don't Change," which had to be over a year ago. I loved that song, but listening to you now I hear growth and I'm impressed. What can we expect to hear on The Melvin Thomas Experiment?

You can expect to hear a lot of true stories of the struggle, love, and triumph through it all. You can also expect to hear great instrumentation and lyricism. My goal for this project is for people to get lost in the music. That's why I called it the "Experiment" because there are certain elements of the project that you wouldn't expect to hear on a regular album/mixtape. More than anything I want people to hear my growth as an artist and as a man. 

I know we're here to talk about the album, but I can't help but keep up with your sneaker game. So, what sneakers are you wearing the most right now.

It's between Chucks and any Pennies. Chucks because they're a great everyday shoe. Very comfortable and easy to keep clean. Pennies because I never really get to come home. It may sound crazy but these help me to feel closer to where I'm from.
*Sidenote: In case you all didn't know Melvin is from Memphis, TN also home of the legendary Anfernee Penny Hardaway. Ok, back to the convo...

So, tell me what's next in the works for The Melvin Thomas.

I just want to make music, travel, and buy sneakers. My goal is to do that and live comfortably. 

So there you have it! For more info on Melvin Thomas, the release party, or The Melvin Thomas Experiment check him out at, follow Melvin on twitter @TheMelvinThomas, or become a fan on Facebook (Melvin Thomas).

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