Monday, September 13, 2010


Tupac will forever be one of the most interesting celebrities to me. Favorite because to me, he was human. He was not an invincible man, nor was he a made up character. He was more like an onion, he had so many layers, that if you didn't like one, if you kept peeling away at him, you would get to the part that could make you cry.

Many of us feel that he was taken to soon. Engulfed in a life that he often spoke of in his music, Tupac's death was a tragedy, similar to the life of Bishop, a character he played in the cult classic Juice. I often joke with my friends that maybe he just couldn't snap out of character after playing that role.

A poet, artist, actor, and sex symbol, Tupac made "Thug Life" glamorous. I remember even my mom fell in love with the song "How Do You Want It." LOL! And what other man do you know who could rock a nose ring as sexy as he did? No one!

So, as I remember Tupac today, I can't pick just one song to upload because I have too many favorites, so instead, I will leave you with my favorite Tupac poem.

I Cry by: Tupac Shakur
Sometimes when I'm alone 
I Cry, 
Cause I am on my own. 
The tears I cry are bitter and warm. 
They flow with life but take no form 
I Cry because my heart is torn. 
I find it difficult to carry on.

If I had an ear to confiding, 
I would cry among my treasured friend, 
but who do you know that stops that long, 
to help another carry on.

The world moves fast and it would rather pass by. 
Then to stop and see what makes one cry, 
so painful and sad. 
And sometimes... 
I Cry 
and no one cares about why.

RIP TUPAC 1971-1996

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