Monday, May 10, 2010

Pow---Nobody Now

So now we talk to our friends on twitter, facebook, BBM (whatever that is...I'm an iPhone thug), instant chat, skype, and so on and so on...Everywhere but in person. I mean even when we are in person, we still tweet to the world and each other, that we are with @XYZ and each other that we are at whatever lame ass club that must be boring or else you would be having too much fun to tweet about it or FB or whatever, you get the point.

Socializing overload, something perhaps I have wasted 30 minutes of my life even wondering or questioning. But for some reason it perplexed me and made me reconsider how much time a day I waste talking to random people about random stuff, when I should be working or better yet, living. How much am I actually getting done?

It's like that cigarette commercial where the person's day is completely planned around smoking. What would life be like driving without clicking on my tiny touch screen phone? Or how good would my food be if both hands where free and I was holding a conversation with the person sitting across from me instead of holding my phone trying to see what everyone else is doing?

I'm just thinking that's all. And I definitely don't need Mr. GPS tracking my every location. Who's that peeking in my window....


  1. I agree totally. One thing I can't stand is when I am out with a group of ppl and they are tweeting the entire time we are out. U sit at home bored trying to find something to do and then when u get with a group of ppl u are so caught up in what is going on in social networks u don't pay any attention to the group u are with. I had to take the app off my cell bc the bs of social networks was driving me insane.