Monday, May 3, 2010

M.T. The Great -- Don't Change

I recently came across M.T. the Great while on Twitter one night. I actually had been hearing about his song Don't Change, and had to check it out for myself. Me, being a huge Isley Brothers fan, I was a little nervous at first about this sample, but was willing to take a listen. I'm so glad I did. M.T.'s smooth laid back southern flow fits into the sampled ballad with ease.

Initially M.T. just wanted to be a producer. His first project was Soundtrack to Greatness and was basically just instrumentals with movie excerpts on top of them. After receiving a lot of great feedback from that project, he made a track and actually wrote a couple of lines to it. That song ended up becoming the "I Make Music," song (for those who have been following his work for a while). M.T. said that after he recorded it, and released it, a friend of his from NY told him he thought it was going be a whole project. So what started out as one song ended up as a 13 song album.

M.T. is currently working on a new project called The Melvin Thomas Experiment. "Its going to be pretty different from I Make Music, but I think people will like it," said M.T.

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