Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cult Classics - The Wiz

When I was a kid I was basically scared of everything on TV. I spent most of my time reading books and writing stories. One movie in particular that scared me even to this day is The Wiz, aka, the Black Wizard of Oz. A scary notion all in itself. As I watched this freakish movie again last night as an adult, I still felt the same scary feelings. Dark gloomy lighting, creature like people, Michael Jackson as the scarecrow? No deals, and not to mention that hideous wicked witch, Eveline...she melted. C'mon Son!!!

Now I will say that I actually like the part of the movie when Dorothy and the crew finally make it to Emerald City. The Wiz, played by legendary Richard Prior is hilarious and the ending with Dorothy going to see the good witch which was played by the beautiful Lena Horne was also a great part. But, other than that, this is one movie that I will not pass on for my kids to watch. Sorry Wiz lovers...

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