Monday, March 1, 2010

Miserable Memphis...

So if you haven't already heard it all over the news, Forbes rated Memphis the third most miserable city in the nation. The article claimed we have lots of crime, high unemployment and blah blah blah cause I blanked out on the rest...

There are some good things in the city that make me unashamed to admit where I am from. Now, I admit, I may be too big for one city to truly categorize me, but by roots and blood I AM A MEMPHIAN!

I mean I love Stax and the Civil Rights Museums. I love being able to go to the Hi-Tone on a Friday or Saturday and see local bands for $5 and get a PBR for $2. I love the Memphis Tigers, hell I am one. I love trolley nights in the spring, and Memphis in May. I love that I can live quite comfortable on a small budget ($700 rent in NYC will have you in the HOOD) and I love the artists and musicians in this city more than anything!

Yes, there are many things that history has condemned this city to, but realize that crime, unemployment, closed minds, and racism exist everywhere. Same circles, different area codes.

So in the words of Project Pat, "Love what you got, and remember what you had."

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