Sunday, February 21, 2010

Memphis Gems - Something About Skewby

There is definitely something about is a kid who is not afraid to challenge the boundaries of music and who doesn't have to rap about dope to make dope music. Proving You Wrong Since 88, the mixtape is his most recent project and is a start to finish head bobbing, new but nostalgic, compilation of Skewby's well crafted lyrics laid on top of some of the hottest tracks from the the year he was born, 1988.

Here's why Skewby is one of my Favorite Memphis Gems:
1. His music is GOOD! I can ride to it, chill to it, dance to it.
2. He puts on a great show! While a lot of rappers just kind of stand in one spot on stage, Skewby's energy on stage is amazing and highly contagious!
3. He is a humble guy true to himself, his team - Team 88, his music, and his fans.
4. "Honesty" the whole song...Favorite
5. He loves Memphis and represents well for the home team!
6. Just look at that face on the album cover...I mean, what's not to love about that!?!

To listen and download "Proving You Wrong Since 88" and more visit

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