Monday, February 15, 2010

I Heart 82 - Down w/ VDay up with my BDay!!

February 14th, aka Valentine's Day, is also MY BIRTHDAY!! The gift and the curse! This year I decided that I would not even acknowledge the "love" day and strictly do things that I love for my birthday!

So I started celebrating Friday night by having dinner at Flight and drinks at Circa. Saturday the shenanigans were in full effect at the fabulous Molly Fontaine Lounge with those who I like to call the "Talented Tenn." (A combination of writers, producers, singers, rappers, and artists all right here in Memphis, TN.)

And Sunday I enjoyed the new violent slasher "Wolfman," which I recommend for your viewing pleasure.

This was a perfect weekend of none Valentine activity, but I felt so much love from those who I love!
cake was delish!
some of the Tenn

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